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In-Home Massage Therapy

With In-Home Massage Therapy I am looking to keep my clients happy, healthy and moving well. As a strong believer in the health benefits of Massage Therapy I am happy that I can offer this service to my Personal Training Clients, as well as the public.

If you wish to set up an In-Home Massage Contact me by filling out the form at

or by calling 203-910-9499

Thank you!

Pricing details are listed below!

Single 30 minute massage: $50

​Single 60 minute Massage: $80


Single 120 minute Massage: $110

​Five 30 minute massage package: $225 or $45 per massage

Five 60 minute massage package: $360 or $72 per massage

Five 120 minute massage package: $495 or $99 Per Massage

Tipping is appreciated but never expected.

Thank you for your time!

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