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Eating Disorders and How to Overcome Them

When I first lost weight, I did it the healthy way through diet and exercise. As I got the scale lower, it came an obsession rather than a tool. What started out as a healthy 150 pound goal became a 140 pound person with nothing left. I unintentionally starved myself at first-eating only things that were "clean" and "healthy."

"When life was out of my control, I used food to gain back my power"

The list of acceptable foods grew smaller and smaller until I basically ate nothing. If I "treated" myself, I would also give myself the privilege of burning it off with an hour+ of cardio. When life was out of my control, I used food to gain back my power. My hair was falling out, my skin was thin and dull and I was cold all the time. No doctor believed I had a problem because my weight was healthy. The skin and leftovers of being 230 pounds kept me at a normal size 8. They didn't care that I lost my period for over a year, the first time, and 6 months the second.

When I started lifting and needing more food, I tried to let it stop. It's been up and down, while I am much better, no, I am not yet fully recovered.

Eating disorders are a problem that affect boys, girls, overweight, underweight, anyone. They're hard to get rid of and need to be taken seriously. When someone won't help you, take the time to help yourself. You are important. (And, if you know someone suffering, try to help them)

Health Coach: Alexis Vieira

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