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Best Apps for Reaching Your Goals

In a world of smart phones, smart watches and even more portable technology, the health and fitness domain is infiltrated by apps that are guaranteed to help you succeed. With so many choices, it's difficult to figure out what's worth it and what's not, the apps that are useful and the choices that you should leave behind. Check out these five for some extra assistance with your health goals.

1. MyFitnessPal: If you don't have any clue what you eat, it might be difficult to see progress. Nutrition is one of the most significant components to any successful program. While you don't NEED to track everything you eat, getting an idea of your calories and macronutrient breakdown is a good place to start when working towards a new goal. MyFitnessPal is an easy way to keep a food diary right at your finger tips.

2. Map My Run: If you're a runner, Map My Run is a great way to track your workouts. Simply turn on the app as you begin your sweat session to monitor your pace, distance and make a map of your route. Music can be played through the app and stops with periodic updates with where you are in your run.

3. Seconds-Interval Timer: The Seconds app is perfect for circuits, timing rest periods, Tabata workouts and cardio. You can set a work/rest timer to any time you choose, change the colors and the tones to keep you on pace throughout your workout.

4. Headspace: Mindset is an important aspect of health, just as working out is. Headspace provides guided meditations to help you calm down, set your goals and be healthier overall. If you've never meditated before, Headspace is a great introductory app that doesn't force you to sit still for hours on end.

5. Stepz-Step Counter: If you don't have a Fitbit, Apple Watch or any other activity tracker but want to know how much you're up and about, download the Stepz-Step Counter. This pedometer will track your steps through your phone and help you keep track of reaching your step goals.

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