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No Quick Fixes

If you've picked up a magazine geared towards a specific gender over the last several years (think Men's Health, Cosmopolitan, etc.) it's almost certain that there's a headline on the cover guaranteeing a way to "lose weight fast" or "get toned in 7 days!" These articles are easy to fall into--they sound good, they have the research to back it up and they generally provide a plan however, don't let yourself fall into the trap.

Quick ways to lose weight aren’t effective.

It's actually a simple philosophy: if they were, wouldn't everyone do them and stay healthy?

While it is true that there are ways to drop a few pounds within a few days or look a bit leaner, these aren't methodologies you want to use for any reason other than professional athleticism that requires you to cut weight (think wrestling or Powerlifting) or if you are a professional bodybuilder or model going in for a photoshoot.

Overall, these quick fixes are unhealthy. Eating only one specific food or a few days or increasing water to a silly amount could hurt you more than it can help. Common hacks like dropping calories to almost nothing will hurt your metabolism and make it difficult for you to burn fat when you eat more.

In addition, the stress of following an intense diet or exercise program in order to make a quick fix may actually raise your stress hormones, leading you to put on belly fat and weight as opposed to losing it.

With fad diets and quick fixes, the daily goals are not sustainable beyond a few day or week period. This leads to almost instantaneous weight gain or health issues when finished, both mental and physical, that can be difficult to deal with.

Losing weight (fat), getting stronger and/or leaner aren't things that happen in a few days. These health changes take significant time and dedication that a 3-day diet cannot mimic.

The best way to make changes in your looks and health is to be patient. Whether it's dietary changes, exercise modifications or a combination of both that you need to make to reach your goals, consistency overtime is key. Making lasting changes such as drinking more water everyday or eating a serving of vegetables each day will help you not only change your body but also maintain it.

There is no replacement for good, ole' fashioned consistent effort and time.

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