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Online Personal Training and YOU

Online Personal Training is versatile: you can do it from your home, hotel room, ANYWHERE!

We've been doing Online Personal Training with a few of our current clients and have found that online training can be just as effective and enjoyable as an in-person session. Our online sessions are done from the Southington, CT studio to


1. You can do it from literally anywhere! Across the globe, in your bedroom, anywhere you have an internet connection is fair game!

2. It's more time efficient: there is no travel time meaning that you truly have an hour workout and you're finished for the day. No more traffic for your 5:00 commute to your workout!

3. More times available: Since your trainer also doesn't have to travel or commute, they are able to accommodate more sessions throughout the day. This results in more possible training time slots that may work with your schedule.

4. You need minimal equipment: You don't need to go out and buy expensive equipment or a new gym membership. With Online Personal Training, your workout is tailored to what you have available where you are.

5. You can achieve your goals, get top level results, and get the best training available regardless of location.


1. Equipment: While you don't need fancy equipment or lots of it, items like dumbbells and bands do help with resistance training and more workout options.

2. Reliable Internet Connection: Without a reliable internet connection, your session might get interrupted.

3. Not-In Person: Some people work better having someone with them in-person.

If you're looking to try something new or think Online Personal Training might be a good choice for reaching your goals, we'd love to set up a free trial session with you!

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