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5 Reasons You Should Start Today

This post is for the people who are currently scared to take action, don't know what they want to do in the gym, are 10 pounds heavier when beginning their fourth 30 day cleanse or just don't know where to begin.

To those people: I've been in your shoes. I understand the confusion, difficulty in finding the time and trying, failing and then being scared to try again.

If any of those above sound like you, then we're here to say: the first step is the hardest but they all get a little easier after that. The journey is worth it.

If you've never been one to exercise or you've been out of the game for a little bit, if you've been eating the same way for your entire life or got off track, taking the plunge can be daunting.

If you have a goal in mind, now is the time to start achieving it! If any of these sound like the things on your goal list, take a chance and go for it!


1. Confidence, Here You Come!

If you feel stuck, unhappy, unsure, aren't confident in your body or feel bad in any way related to your weight, health or nutrition, TAKE ACTION. These feelings may temporarily go away however, your happiness is important. Everyone has the ability to feel good about themselves and deserves to be confident in their own skin.

2. It's Preventative Medicine

Whether it's weight, cholesterol, sugar or any other blood work, a doctors concern should initiate some change. Beginning a physical fitness routine or changing the diet to help with chronic issues or rising change is generally encouraged by a practitioner to see if a natural solution helps before prescribing medications. Often times, a change in activity or diet can be just the preventative medicine you need.

3. You'll Instantly Feel Better

Weight loss takes time and a health journey is not instantaneous however, enjoying a new routine of working out or eating well will help you feel better both mentally and physically. You body will quickly be thanking you for getting back on track and becoming healthier than you were before.

4. Energy

Very simply: Working out releases endorphins and endorphins give you energy. Getting the blood flowing will help pump you up and maybe even reduce the incessant coffee intake you often depend on. Not only that, but you'll also probably sleep better which will in turn give you more energy for days to come.

5. "I'm Starting Monday" will become Tuesday, Thursday, next Saturday...

Beginning anything new takes courage and commitment but those two things are half the battle. Saying yes to walking into a gym, calling up the personal trainer or hopping on your clothes rack..ahem..treadmill can be hard. Write it on your toDAY list and actually go at it. Don't let time pass you by!


Short, sweet and to the point message: don't let life pass you by. Take time for YOU each and everyday. You only get one body, you have to take care of it!

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