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Are There Special Foods/Drinks to Make You Lose Weight?

If you're on TikTok or Instagram, or any other social media pages, you'll see lots of people toting special foods or drinks for weight loss. They're said to "burn fat," "heal your gut," and do everything else buzz worthy. But do they actually?

Long and short of it, no. There are no fat burning foods and no combination of liquids that will make you lose weight faster than others.

Most of the effects of these so called fat burners are somewhat cyclical. Meaning that they do things to your body, that in turn, may help you lose weight more easily or somewhat faster than having done it without.

To explain a little further, the viral "fat burning sleep tea" comprised of chamomile tea, apple cider vinegar, and lemon juice may help you sleep better and assist with some regulation of your blood sugar. In turn, your body will have lower stress and slightly better blood sugar regulation and you may now find yourself craving less foods, binging less and experiencing less overall stress than you were before.

The same goes for old school fat burners. Fat burners are mostly comprised of caffeine. Caffeine will speed up your heart rate, give you more energy, so now, in turn, you burn slightly more calories.

Most fat burning or resisting foods are filled with fiber, or assist in regulating your blood sugar which makes you less likely to have extreme ups and downs in sugar levels, eat less overall and keep you more full, for longer.

This means that none of these fat burning foods or gut healing drinks are bad for you, or that you shouldn't eat/drink them. If you experience positive results eating or drinking them, they shouldn't do any harm (**unless of course you're creating weird concoctions of supplements or food items). To reiterate, no food or drink will make you magically lost weight but there are food or drink items have positive effects for your well-being that in turn, may help you to burn fat more effectively, and in turn, reach your goals more easily.

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