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Commence Eats: Nataz, Southington

Welcome to an overdue edition of Commence Eats: our reviews of restaurants/food in and around the Southington Area.

We have now been to Nataz twice and that is more than enough to rave about them. Nataz actually started down the shoreline but they now have three locations and we're lucky enough that one of them is here in Southington.

Nataz features a unique atmosphere that feels like you're walking into a home. The place is small, with a decent amount of tables, so it can get a little loud depending on when you're there. However, your table is yours for as long as you need it.

On our first visit to Nataz, we didn't realize that it was BYOB so we stuck with water however, the second time, we made sure to bring a bottle of wine to accompany our dinner. If you want to drink anything other than soda/water, be sure to bring something with you.

Now for the important part: the food. Nataz features a prix fix menu that can be more or less expensive depending on what you choose and it's well worth whatever price. The regular menu options run at $35 a person which is honestly not enough for the quality and portions of food you get.

The prix fix menu begins with a cheese appetizer for the table--either a charcuterie board with a variety of cheeses/fruit or caprese plate with lovely tomatoes and mozzarella. No matter which you choose, you also get a bread basket and a trio of dips/spreads that are absolutely delicious.

After your scrumptious cheese, you have a choice of salad. We always go with the wedge which features a hunk of iceburg lettuce topped with bacon, bleu cheese, tomatoes, a buttermilk dressing and the piece de resistance: crispy frizzled onions.

They also offer a signature salad with mixed greens, gorgonzola, walnuts and some other stuff.

After cheese and salad, it is now time for the main course. The menu here is extensive and generally includes at least 3 or more specials.

After going twice, we have now had 4 different potential entrees including the braising pot, chicken, tuna and salmon and they have all been A+. All entrees are served with a delicious cut of meat and very simple sides that compliment the dish well. Protein, starch, veg and done.

While you may have already eaten three courses, you aren't done yet. Dessert is included in the prix fix menu and while we might not always promote eating've already paid for it, right? In all seriousness though--the dessert is decadent. We've gone with the flourless chocolate cake as well as a cheesecake and the chocolate cake stands as our favorite.

Nataz is by reservation only and we've called at least a week in advance both times. While you don't have to be "fancy," it's not necessarily a casual fare.

If you're looking for a nice dinner out, some place to go for an anniversary, birthday, celebration or just a regular meal--definitely check out Nataz.

Check out their website at

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