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Commence Eats: Tavern 42

If you've been following along in our Commence Eats series thus far, you'll notice that we have a thing for the taverns around Southington (Check out our first post on Ideal Tavern). For the latest edition, we head to our other favorite Tavern around town--Tavern 42.

TAVERN 42: 42 West Main Street, Plantsville, CT 06479

Tavern 42 is a great place to go in the Southington/Plantsville area if you aren't quite sure what you want to eat and need a lot of options, or just want a really good burger. There's a ton of seating and an outdoor area in the summer.


There are a ton of options on the menu with everything from classic tavern fare to smokehouse favorites and tacos. They're also big on tater tots and mac-and-cheese and have specials all of the time.


Whatever your dietary needs may be, you can find something at Tavern 42. They have a plethora of salads with protein options, sandwiches, burgers, tacos and other items that fit the goals of the majority of people. The restaurant is very accommodating when it comes to meeting dietary needs and also exchanging sides for a different one. If you're keto or low-carb, Tavern 42 is one of the easiest places around town to eat with the variety of protein options and side dishes.


Tables are set with a small bowl of spicy popcorn! Enjoy some but try not to eat the whole bowl!

Of the appetizer options (Little Plates) Blackened Shrimp is a great option for an appetizer as it has lots of protein! This shrimp is slightly spicy with it's seasonings and really delicious. Since it's blackened and not fried, you don't get a ton of saturated fat. The Ahi Tuna Tartare is similar to the shrimp in the sense that it provides a decent amount of protein for an appetizer.

What to Get for Dinner:

A burger, Blackened Tuna/Steak/Surf and Turf Tacos, Grilled Salmon or a salad (with protein) are our top choices when it comes to picking a healthy dinner at Tavern 42. There is a large variety of burgers to choose from (and usually a special...) that can be made how you want (with/out cheese, condiments, etc.) that can also be served bun-less if you ask. The burgers are large and very filling which means you won't be looking for something else to eat once you leave.

The tuna, steak and surf and turf tacos have a large portion of protein and are very filling. These tacos come in a flour tortilla

The grilled salmon is listed under a large plate option and is perfect if you're being very conscious of your intake.

Any of these meals have interchangeable sides. We suggest opting away from fries and choosing something such as a side salad (just ask!), coleslaw, broccoli or the vegetable of the day. Adding vegetables to any burger is both filling and healthy.

What to Leave Alone if You're Being Conscious:

Mac and Cheese dishes, tater tots and fried fish (either Fish and Chips or a sandwich)

While these items most certainly taste absolutely delicious, they can really give you a big hit when it comes to fat, carbs and overall calories.

With a dish such as mac and cheese, you are getting a very large portion of pasta (at least 2-3 servings) that is covered in cheese sauce which is made with bread crumbs, Parmesan, cream, and a bunch of other cheeses. Add bacon or pulled pork and you have yourself a very dense meal.

While this meal has some protein in the cheese and potential meat, it's not the base of the meal. We suggest having protein be the base of your meal as it's satiating and is good for almost every goal.

Tater tots and fried fish also sound really good but overall, these items are deep fried which is generally not the best for you. Fried fish usually includes a battering process which can load up the calories. Add fries and/or a bun and you've got a meal filled with a lot of refined carbohydrates and fried items.


If you're going to drink, we suggest watching drinks that add a ton of simple syrup, lots of fruit juices or sugary rims.


Dessert is not essential however, if you'd like to enjoy some dessert, check out something like a scoop of ice cream or the lemon mousse with blueberries and coconut!

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