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Creating a Routine That Actually Works

With summer coming to a close and the school year/regular routine quickly approaching, getting back into a routine is first and foremost when it comes to getting back on track towards your goals.

Here are 10 steps that are important to achieving what you actually want and not letting time pass you by.

1. Set Clear Goals Get clear on what you want to achieve. Whether it's losing weight, running a 5K or just making better habits, reset your goals and be specific in what you actually want to do. 2. Plan Your Workouts Consistency is key. Plan out what days you'll workout, what you'll be doing and how you'll navigate things like weather, appointments, work, etc. Make sure to get a good balance of cardiovascular exercise and strength training. 3. Schedule Regular Meals Plan your meals ahead of time and make sure to set times to eat. Try not to eat in front of the computer, skip meals, or grab something quick on your way. Plan ahead so that you stay on track and feel good about it. 4. Prepare Your Meals Preparing your meals ahead of time is an absolute game changer when it comes to staying on track. Prepare meals to take with you or bulk items that you can put together to create a meal. Having things ready and waiting will make it much easier to stay on track. 5. Stay Hydrated Water, water, water. Drink up! Make sure that you're drinking at least 1/2 your weight in ounces of water per day. Carry a reusable cup or water bottle to help you stay hydrated no matter where you are. 6. Prioritize Sleep Put down the phone and get to bed! Aim for 7-9 hours of restful sleep per night. Sleep is important for recovery and without recovery, you won't feel your best. 7. Mindful Eating Eat with intention. Pay attention to what you're eating, how it tastes, how full you are. Eat until you are satisfied, not stuffed. 8. Reward Yourself Fitness and health requires dedication and some sacrifice. Stay motivated by rewarding yourself every small milestone. Whether that's going to see a movie, getting a massage or buying some new clothes, prioritize rewarding yourself for your hard work. 9. Adapt and Evolve There are always going to be ebbs and flows to life. Sometimes, we just have to go with the flow. Don't let everything get in your way but also acknowledge that life isn't always perfect. Make changes where necessary and adapt when needed. 10. Seek Support Get the support of a trainer, your spouse, friends, your kids--people who can help keep you focused on your goals and not sabotage your efforts. Be diligent about what you need from them--whether it's a confirmation that you're doing well or some help planning meals, they can be your best weapon for success.

By setting new goals, planning ahead and being able to adapt to whatever life throws at you, you'll be ready to start working towards what you want and actually achieve it!

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