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Don't Lose Sight of Your Goals Through the Summer and Weekends

In weight loss/gain/whatever your goal may be, people assume that winter time is the hardest. Think holidays.

In reality though, holidays make up a very small percentage of your days in the winter and for the most part, everything you do is planned. You know when you have a holiday party. You know when Thanksgiving is.

In the summertime though, we've got Bob and Sue inviting you over for drinks by the fire because it's nice out. The kids have a pool party to go to and the adults are eating pizza. There's a lot less predictability in the summer because everything is just a little more wild and free.

A lot of times it seems easier to just cancel on your goals and commit to refocusing in the fall but this is NOT the answer. Doing this doesn't teach you anything, nor does it help you at all. In fact, it makes everything harder and the chances of actually reaching your goals a lot less likely. Instead, hone in on what you really want and why you're doing it. Then, take steps to figure out how to get those things even when your routine is slightly off.

Our 4 best tips:

  1. Say "yes" to some of the things you truly enjoy and "no" to things that aren't worth it. You don't have to say yes to everything. You don't have to eat or drink something because it's in front of you. Take a minute to evaluate whether you're having something because it's there or whether you're eating/drinking it because you truly want it. Is there ice cream and you love ice cream? Sure. Have a little. But do you need a brownie too? Probably not. Pick the one that makes the most sense for you.

  2. Be prepared. If you're going somewhere, bring snacks, a meal or a side/something with you so that you're prepared with something healthy to eat. Don't let hunger strike so bad that you're left pulling through the drive-thru. Instead, stock the car with non-perishables, bring a cooler with drinks and cold food, and offer to bring things when friends invite you over.

  3. Get moving. Make sure that you're getting your steps in, your workouts done and staying moving. Take a walk on the beach, do your workout before you leave for the pool. Stay focused on maintaining as much of an exercise routine as you can.

  4. Make choices that are conducive to your goals. Do you really need cocktails today or did you drink yesterday? Are fish and chips a good choice twice in one week because it's summer? Do you really need that much butter on your lobster? It's okay to enjoy things and enjoy yourself but you can also make smart choices around foods and drinks that match your goals. Make lighter cocktails, skip extra butter and watch your snacks.

What tips would you add for someone who has some goals? Let us know in the comments!

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