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Genetic Testing in Southington, CT

Have you heard the hype surrounding genetic testing lately? At home genetic testing is an easy way to learn more about your body and family history without the cost of doing it in a doctors office or another location.

The Genetic Testing in Southington, CT is a simple cheek swab that is sent out to a parent company, analyzed, and sent back with a ton of information about your genetics. The whole process takes approximately 10 minutes from start to finish and can give you a lifetime of information if you understand how to use it.

Genetic Direction provides us with genetic testing kits that analyze aspects of your genetics related to health and fitness. There are four different tests offered through our genetic testing company that expose your genetic predisposition to nutrients, aging, fitness and performance.

Each of the tests provides you with a myriad of information that can help you execute a plan that will work well for you and your genetics. As trained test interpreters, we are able to sit down and discuss the results of your genetic testing with you to ensure you understand what everything means and how to move forward, if desired.

As the genetic testing in Southington is specialized to health and fitness, this testing can give you information on what type of exercise you should be doing for your goals.

The Slim test assesses you disposition to carbs, fats and proteins, fat loss and body composition response to different types of exercise, among other things. This test then gives you a comprehensive analysis of what your genetics say and mean for you. In addition, it provides a meal plan template and exercise template for you to follow to meet your goals.

The Perform test is similar to the slim in that it assesses your response to different types of exercise and foods but it also tells you about your "mental and physical foundation", recovery and injury and training response.

The genetic testing also tells you about your predisposition to nutrient deficiency in the Nutrient test. This test takes a look at all of the essential nutrients and analyzes whether your genes indicate a potential issue. Based on these answers, it gives suggestions of foods to eat to increase certain nutrients. This test does not tell you if you are actually low or high in different nutrients but can give you some things to ask your doctor about.

The fourth and final genetic test is the "Renew" test which focuses on aging. This test is broken down into categories including look, feel and function which can give you insight into everything from your skin aging to your intrinsic motivation to exercise.

While these tests do not describe what your outlook is (...and we're not sure we want it to!), it can give you some insight into how to lose weight more effectively, what you should eat, your aging risks and more.


The video below gives you more insight into our individual testing results and our thoughts on the process.

Genetic testing can be purchased and performed at Commence Fitness--simply let us know and we'll get you started.

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