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Holiday Gift Guide # 3

This gift guide is for the foodie!

A mini waffle maker is perfect for making a couple waffles real quick (we make protein waffles!) and they come out so so cute! yum! waffles!

An air fryer was on our list last year and that hasn't changed. Get the crispy fried taste you love without all the oil and junk. Hello fried but not fried!

If you've seen our review videos or our posts, you know we love built bars! They taste like healthy candy bars! You can get a discount with our code SORTAHEALTHY on

This thing is perfect for ground meat (tacos, anyone?). It separates it and helps it to cook perfectly without mashing it with other utensils. Highly recommend.

A subscription to Hello Fresh or Blue Apron is the perfect gift for someone that hates to cook. Get them a box or two and see how they like it. Blue Apron and Hello Fresh

There's nothing like cooking in a cast iron skillet (well, maybe there is. but go with it..) It's great for cooking up just about anything, especially meat. Get someone you love the perfect kitchen pan. Get one here.

**many links are affiliate links but that doesn't influence our choice to put these things on this list :)

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