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Holiday Gift Guide: Part 1

"It's the most wonderful time of the year" sings Andy Williams in the classic song. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't (it is still 2020 after all) but, generally speaking, this is time to enjoy all the things the holiday season brings.

Last year we published a few little gift guides and this year we're back for more. We don't generally recommend things we haven't tried nor actually like so you can be sure that every gift guide provides factual information and is actually worth it.

This is the first of 4 gift guides that will be posted throughout the week!

This gift guide is filled with some of our favorite things that are guaranteed to make your life easier! (**amazon links are affiliate links**)

First up:

The Flexispot--a desk bike with several resistance levels and distance tracking. Work and bike at the same time! It's available with or without the desk top, so you can easily slip it under a desk you already have.

The Comfy: Warmest, most comfy giant sweatshirt that you'll want to sit in all the time.

Little Frother: This handheld frother is great for blending up some milk to make a latte, adding protein or collagen to your coffee or mixing up your diet hot cocoa.

Glass Pyrex Containers: These are perfect for meal prepping your food without using weird plastic containers. They can be reheated, food can go in them hot and they stack nicely.

The Popsocket: Pop one of these on your phone to stand it up to watch videos, take pictures or hold it a little more easily.


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