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How to Measure Progress in Ways Other Than the Scale

The dreaded scale--we look away at the doctors, avoid the little square in the bathroom at all costs and know not to get on at the end of the day but do anyway. There's always a love/hate relationship with the thing--when it's looking the way we want it to, love it. When it's not, hate it.

While the scale is important, it also doesn't always tell the whole story. There are a lot of other ways to measure your progress and see if you're getting closer to your goals.

Whatever the number between your toes says, you may be feeling more confident, fit into your clothes better, be sleeping better, have more energy and be able to workout with more gusto ( some other things). No matter what your goals are, seeing progress in other ways can be just as exciting and reassuring as hopping onto the scale.

It can be easy to hop on the scale, however, it's just as easy to track your progress in other areas.

Start tracking your workouts and include your weights, sets and reps, you can track your food, you can take progress pictures or use a tape measure for circumference measurements.

How do you measure progress in ways other than the scale?

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