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In-Home Personal Training in Southington, CT

We could go on and on about the great things about fitness but there's one thing in particular that usually sticks out the most: You can get a workout in just about anywhere.

At a gym or studio, in your hotel room, outside--there is no limit to what you can get done despite the location. Just as a fitness program isn't one size fits all, there is no requirement that says you must workout in a gym.

At Commence Fitness, we offer in-home personal training in Southington, CT which allows you to get a great workout in from the comfort of your home (or another location of your choosing). In-home personal training gives you the opportunity to have access to the same expert level training that you would receive in studio, in a place that feels most comfortable for you.

What is In-Home Training?

Just as we would in the studio, your in-home personal training experience is custom to you, your goals and your needs--whatever they may be. We take great care in ensuring that the only difference in your programming is the location.

What Do I Need?

You do not need to have a basement gym or a ton of equipment for in-home training as we bring all necessary equipment with us. Your workout will be a combination of resistance training, body weight training and cardio to help you get the best results possible. For sessions, we bring equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells, balls and straps to provide you with a good workout and variety.

Who Does In-Home Training Work For?

In-Home personal training is great option for those that want direction towards their goals but also desire extra privacy in their workouts, don't have time to go back and forth to a studio before or after work, have young children who can't be alone or just don't like the atmosphere of a studio or gym.

If you have a goal in mind or just need some direction in your fitness and health, we can get you on your way to the lifestyle you're looking for!


As with any of our programs, we offer a free consultation and introductory session to see if we're the right fit for you! You can find out more about in-home personal training by clicking here.

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