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Maintaining Balance Through the Holiday Season

We're at that time--the time between Thanksgiving and the New Year where everything always seems to go a little crazy. This is the time where cookies show up at the door, drinks flow a little more freely and the desire to do anything past 3:00 wanes.

Unfortunately, this is the time where a lot of people wax and wane on their journey because things get busy and everyone knows that gingerbread does actually taste better than exercising feels.

However, now is not the time to feel conflicted on whether you eat well and workout or do the complete opposite--you can achieve somewhat of a harmonious balance between enjoying yourself while also staying healthy and focused on your goals.

Here are our 5 tips for achieving balance this holiday season:

1. Pick and choose what's worth it to you.

There are lots of things that taste good and lots of things that may be put in front of you. That doesn't mean you have to indulge in everything. Pick and choose what may or what may not be worth it to you. What's worth it? Your favorite things, something you know is homemade by someone that cooks really well, something you only eat this time of year. What's not worth it? Something you've eaten a bajillion times and don't like that much but will still eat, something that it just there waiting for you to grab it out of boredom and things that aren't even that good.

2. Get out (or in) and walk

Keep up your daily movement and steps. Walking around or doing some form of movement everyday can really help when it comes to maintaining balance. Not only will it burn some extra calories, it will also keep you from boredom snacking, give you something purposeful to do and maybe give you some Vitamin D and fresh air.

3. Make something you want or will enjoy when you go places

If you're trying to maintain some semblance of your healthy routine, make something to bring with you to parties and get togethers that works for you. If you feel like you'll be inclined to try too many appetizers or other things, bring something that you can munch on freely while still enjoying some of the other things you'd like.

4. Get rid of the all or nothing mentality

Nothing in health and wellness is all or nothing. Get rid of the mentality that your day is ruined because you ate too much or the thought that you might as well wait until the holidays are over. Instead, garner a mentality that allows you to enjoy things you'd like, without going overboard. It's okay to enjoy food--it's enjoyable. It's also okay to skip a day of exercise without it turning into a habit. Do what you can--everything counts.

5. Maintain proper hydration, sleep and stress relieving techniques

No matter how much you're exercising or eating, it's important to maintain the bare minimums. This time of year can get crazy and sometimes important things get thrown to the wayside when you're running around doing things. Drink your water, get as much sleep as you can and try to maintain as low stress levels as you can. All of these seemingly little things add up into big rewards...or problems, depending on which way you go.

And that's really it. Simple, right? It really is. It's fairly simple to maintain balance through this season--you just have to do it.

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