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Should You Change Your Nutrition Right Now?

We're in the midst of a pandemic and quite honestly, we're sure you're feeling a lot of emotions around it. Maybe a little bit tired of hearing about it, maybe a tad nervous, maybe you actually do want to talk about it. Wherever you are in this new life, we're here to tell you it's okay.

If you're like most right now, it's likely that your normal routine has changed a bit. Either you working from home, or working extra time, maybe teaching the kids and you definitely don't have the gym/a studio to go to.

So, should your nutrition change?

If you're counting calories/macros, your numbers are developed based on factors including your daily activity level, your exercise and a few other things. If any of those factors have changed, then you likely have to adjust your numbers a bit too. It's likely that you're moving a little less which would mean you would need to eat a little less.

If you're not, the answer here is yes and no.

Ask Yourself:

--> Has your exercise changed? This means amount of times per week, intensity, duration...

--> Has your NEAT changed? NEAT or Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis is the calories you burn during the day doing tasks, taking the dog out, cooking dinner, etc. Generally speaking, being quarantined at home means more time sitting + less time moving.

--> Have your goals changed?

--> Is your food limited/not as normal right now?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then yes, your food should probably change. If you're moving less overall and are looking to lose weight, you'll need to eat less. If you're moving more, you may be okay to stay the same or even eat a little more. If your goals have changed to maintain weight, then you're likely okay to stay where you are.

Overall, being home more often and stressed may lead to abnormal eating habits and/or stress around food (*insert cringing over #quarantine15 hashtag here*). Allow yourself a little grace in getting used to this new way of life, but also control some of the things you can control. We all deal with stress differently, but it doesn't mean that you need to eat your feelings. Stress is also a major factor in inflammation and as a general rule of thumb, we want to keep that as low as possible.

Find alternatives to constant snacking, watch for boredom baking and be conscious of portioning for all foods. Adjust your food based on your goals (or ask for help in this matter and we'll help you out) and you'll come out of quarantine feeling good!

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