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Staying On Top of Your Goals While On Vacation

One of the most traveled weekends is upon us, as are summer vacations and other fun warm weather activities. Whether you'll be out of the gym and/or not on top of all your meals, you can still make progress towards your goals.


One of the ways we lose progress while traveling is based solely in our mentality. "I'm on vacation so I'm going to enjoy every bit of it!" or "I'm on vacation so it doesn't matter!" Theres no problem with enjoying yourself on vacation, in fact you should, but enjoying yourself doesn't mean going on a free for-all. Follow some of our tips and tricks to keep that mentality at bay and instead open up a new mindset of success.

1. Eat a solid breakfast that isn't too much different than home

Pancakes, waffles and the leaning tower of bacon sound really appealing but would you eat that at home? Breakfast is the easiest meal of the day to stay on track with because even when dining out, there are plenty of options that can keep you feeling satisfied and on track. Stick to simple things like eggs, omelettes, greek yogurt, oatmeal, and other simplistic meals that will fill you up without tons of sugar.

2. Walk As Much as Possible

If you're not consistent with some working out in a hotel gym or room, etc., get outside and walk around. Explore the city you're in by walking to and from conferences, activities, the beach, etc. Get as many steps in as you can to increase your daily burn and keep you moving.

3. Drink Lots of Water

You should drink lots of water no matter where you are but when you're away especially. Eating food that's different from what you're having at home can cause water retention due to salt and carbohydrates. Combat this by drinking a ton of water. If you're sitting around in airports, etc., it will also give you an excuse to get up and walk around to find the nearest bathroom.

4. Always Pack Snacks

Don't get caught being #hangry when you're out and about. Pack healthy snacks in a backpack or bag so you have something to grab throughout the day. Bringing your own healthy snacks stops you from looking for the nearest bakery or shop and will also save you some money. Fruit, nuts + seeds, beef jerky, protein bars and other non-refrigerated options fare well.

5. Use the Fullness Scale

You'll likely be enjoying foods that are out of the ordinary. When doing so, use the fullness scale to monitor yourself and prevent too much overeating. To rate yourself on a fullness scale, go from 1-10. Starving is 1 while unbuttoning your pants is a 10. Aim for about a 6-7 where you're comfortably satisfied but not overly so.

6. Get Some Sleep and Give Some Time for Rest

Usually this isn't an issue for most people on vacation but make sure you get some rest. Allow this to be a time of reset. Destress, don't set an alarm. Getting plenty of sleep (7-8 hours) will do your body good, especially if you normally don't get that much. Prioritize some time to rest and relax to declutter the mind and body a bit from daily stressors.

7. Enjoy Yourself

Vacation should be a time you enjoy--not a time that makes you nervous. Go out and explore, try new cuisines, have fun and enjoy your break from work and normal life!

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