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CRACK Rocksmith 2014 - All DLC\\\\\\'s Song Pack IV queveet




What's next? Check out the long list of songs coming to Guitar Hero World Tour (18 songs are confirmed, 6 more will be announced tomorrow). And when you're done, check out the new I'm In Your World Tracklist here! And while you're at it, check out the list of all the songs that are coming to Guitar Hero World Tour here. Then, check out how you can win a copy of Guitar Hero World Tour using our new World Tour Sweepstakes here. Megadeth went through some personnel changes this year, and replaced singer Dave Mustaine with David Ellefson. We ask Ellefson about the role Megadeth plays in society today, how he views his place in Megadeth's history and the music industry, and what's next for the band. Megadeth plays 8/27 at the Metro. Question: Have you always been a fan of Megadeth? David Ellefson: No, I didn't really know much about them until my son [Shawn, drummer] started playing drums. He said, "What do you wanna listen to, Dad?" I said, "I dunno, I guess I'll listen to some classic rock." My son said, "Well, here's something that I think you'd like." So, I said, "Sure, what is it?" He said, "Megadeth." I said, "Oh, ok." I didn't really know much about them, so I started listening to them. Q: I read in Rolling Stone that you had an epiphany while on the road. What was it? DE: During a show on the '90s tour, we were at a show in Nebraska and it was the night before Thanksgiving. So, we were playing for about three hours, and I noticed the guy who was working the merch table was talking to another guy. As I looked over at the merch table, I could see there was a problem, and it wasn't just a small problem. The problem was there were two towers of merch, and half of them weren't even full. So, I saw this guy from the merch table go over and speak to the security guy, and then he returned with a guy wearing a construction vest, and I had no idea what they were talking about. I guess I was just thinking, "What's going on?" This is like high school, we'd have two towers of merch and one would be




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CRACK Rocksmith 2014 - All DLC\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Song Pack IV queveet

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