Our Favorite Healthy Snacks When You're On the Go

If you follow us on Instagram (or on Alexis' personal Instagram), it's no secret that we love snacks. Now, todays post is not going to focus on the normal "slice up fruits and vegetables and take them with you." While we whole heartedly commend that, we want to highlight some alternatives.

Protein Bars:

Quest Bars:

Quest Bars are one of our favorites when it comes to a protein bar that packs a

lot in it. Quest Bars have about 22 grams of (whey) protein, 20-25 grams of carbs, around 8 grams of fat and include around 15 grams of fiber.

Quest Bars are also incredibly convenient for when you need a quick snack/light meal when you are on the go--they can sit around in the car without getting melted or ruined.

These bars come in a variety of flavors (cookie dough is our favorite!) so you can certainly find one that suits your fancy.

Another nice feature of Quest Bars is that they are now available in tons of places--grocery stores, gas stations and other places have them at the ready.

ONE Bars

ONE Bars are delicious! These bars used to only be available at specialty places like Vitamin Shoppe but now you can find them at most grocery stores, and even some gas stations. ONE bars come in a multitude of flavors which makes it really easy to find one that fits your needs. ONE bars are the perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth, eat a quick snack or replace a small meal. ONE Bars have a different texture than a Quest bar, more of a baked soft texture as opposed to more chewy. They also have a lot less fiber which works better for some people. These bars are around 20g carbs, 8-9 grams of fat and 20-22 grams of protein.

No Cook Options with Little Prep:


Smoothies carry a slight caveat--they can be very calorie and sugar dense depending on what is going inside them.

However, making a lower calorie/protein filled smoothie can be a great way to eat something healthy on the go. While you could stop somewhere (like the Fresh Monkee here in CT), you can also very easily make a shake at home.