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Get fit and healthy with Southington's best personal trainers.

What makes us unique? We're all about you!

  • Come in for a free, no obligation consultation with our trainers (we offer both male and female) to go over your goals, your history, your nutrition, learn about our programs and try out a workout.

  • Everything at Commence Fitness is 100% customized to you. We'll create a specialized training, cardio and nutrition program to help you reach whatever goals you've set out upon. 

  • Your privacy and safety is always a top concern for us. In our studio setting, you get all of the attention on you.  The only eyes on you are the ones watching your form, counting your reps and cheering you on. 

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How does it work?

Go over your goals

Come in, take a seat and we'll go over any and every goal you can think of. We'll discuss your current health and fitness goals, why you want to get there and anything you've tried in the past. We'll go over your current nutrition in depth and what potential changes we can make. We'll spend some chatting about any injuries or painful spots, and the rest of your health history. We will also spend some time discussing our programs and what makes them unique.

try out a session

While you're in, we'll take you through a personal training session. One of our trainers (we have both male and female) will coach you through a workout, just as we would in a "real" session. You'll be able to feel out the space, use the equipment and see the typical format of a personal training session. 

develop a nutrition plan that works for you

When it comes to any health and fitness goal, nutrition is paramount. Nutritional guidance, plans and support is included with every training package. We'll work together to develop a method and goals for nutrition that will help you get the body you're looking for.

Go through an assessment and start working towards your goals

Once you're ready to get started with personal training, we'll have you come back in for your assessment and get started on working towards those goals. We'll assess your body fat percentage, take your measurements, go through a functional movement screening and test your fitness level with a couple fitness assessments. 

What clients have to say

Amy M.

Commence Fitness is amazing. I was looking for a personal trainer who I could relate to and feel comfortable with. In addition, I was looking for one on one training in a location where I was not surrounded by a crowd of other people. That is exactly what I have found with Commence Fitness. I know that each of my sessions and the exercises planned for that day - are planned just for me. I get personalized and dedicated attention each and every time I am there. I am finally motivated to exercise and the results are showing.

Morgan I.

Alexis and Jeff, the owners of Commence Fitness, have changed my life for the better. They have encouraged me and worked with me to better my physical health through nutrition, exercise and a whole lot of knowledge. They have helped see what I'm capable of and that taking control of my health doesn't have to be so intimidating. Fair prices, wonderful people and phenomenal personal training. Thanks, guys!!!

Amy P.

I’ve been with them since May of 2019. Alexis and Jeff are invested in their clients, listening to details and helping you each step of the way. I feel success every time I leave a session. They also treat everyone as though they are their only client. One on one is crucial when making big changes!

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