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At Commence Fitness, we take nutrition seriously. You have goals to reach and whatever they may be, the proper nutrition plays a significant role.

Our nutrition is different, just like you

No matter your expertise with your nutrition, your diet or previous diets, we aim to help you make sustainable nutritional changes to for life. No fad dieting, strict plans, or starving. As nutritionists, we want you to have something tailored exactly to you.

It's Not a Diet

We're educators in a variety of ways and we aim to teach you about what you're putting in your body. We'll show you how to make a diet sustainable and methods for success. We'll not only help you with your actual food but tell you the "why's," the science behind different things and the reasoning for different methods. 

We'll Teach You

We'll check in with you during sessions, in meetings, via text or phone about your nutrition. We'll also evaluate food logs, make suggestions and cheer on your successes. Our group Nutritional Challenges run throughout the year for extra accountability and support.

We'll Be Your Biggest Supporter

Not one persons body is the same and your nutrition needs to be unique as well. As nutritionists, we don't provide "cookie cutter" plans or general guidance. Your nutrition guidelines are carefully planned out to fit your lifestyle, your goals and your body. Our planning is flexible to fit you.

Designed Specifically For You


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