Healthier Super Bowl Sunday Recipe Roundup

This Super Bowl Sunday is bound to be a bit different than usual but that doesn't mean that you have to give up on all the fun snacks that usually come along with the day.

The usual fare--nachos, pizza, wings, beer and other traditional game foods aren't normally the *ahem* healthiest when made traditionally so, we say either A) consume them in moderation or B) make some healthier versions of your favorites.

Today, we're rounding up some of our favorite Game Day healthier game day snacks for you to try!

What classifies these recipes as list worthy? They'll save you a few calories overall, maybe swap out some higher fat choices for lower ones or lessen the carbohydrate load, add in some protein and taste almost the same as their originals.


First up, buffalo chicken dip.

This buffalo chicken dip from the Clean Eating Couple removes the cream cheese usually found in the recipe and swaps it for yogurt and cottage cheese. No, you can't taste the cottage cheese.

In doing so, you'll save a decent amount of calories (which gives you more for chips :) ) and get some extra protein which is sure to make you a little more full and a little less likely to over-do it too much.

This Skinny Artichoke dip utilizes the secret ingredients of Greek yogurt and light mayo to achieve the creaminess of a normal spinach and artichoke dip without serving up hundreds of calories in each spoonful. In fact, 1/4 cup of dip is only 73 calories with almost 5 grams of protein. Not bad, not bad at all.

For a little less snack and a little more meal, this slow cooker 3 bean chili is the perfect answer. Basically just some 99% ground turkey, a couple cans of beans and some tomatoes (and spices), this meal comes together easily and won't take you away from watching the game.

You'll find that most wing recipes include either a) frying or b) lots of butter to coat the wings with buffalo. This recipe for Buffalo Wings will leave you with perfectly delectable wings without either of those things. Utilizing a boiling method plus broiling on a cooling rack, these wings get perfectly crispy without tons of fat and extra calories.