Top 5 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

1. Squats: If there is any single exercise that should be included in any resistance training program it is, without a doubt, the squat. There is no other exercise that activates as many major muscle groups while also providing a functional movement pattern that is done multiple times every day. Think about all of the times that you have to squat down to pick something up off of the ground. The squat trains you to do this with varying different loads and proper form, assuming your instructor is doing their job well that is! There are many different forms of the squat that are both beneficial and effective in resistance training routines. Some of these different types of squats include: goblet squats, squat plus overhead press, jump squats, and wall squats. Make sure to have a few different variations in your routine!

2. Lunges: A similar exercise to the squat due to the fact that it works the quadricep, hamstring and gluteal muscles. These are the biggest muscle groups in the body and when you fatigue them, the calorie burn is typically much larger compared to muscle fatigue elsewhere. There are some key differences between the squat and lunge, however. For starters, this exercise is more difficult to complete with good form compared to the squat. Many people with a limited range of motion or knee problems will struggle with this exercise. Also, due to the fact that this is a single legged move, the effects of a single lunge should be substantially greate