How to Shrink Your Lower Belly Pooch (...The Right Way)

We've chatted about "bat wing" arms, the best exercises for toning the legs and now it's time to discuss the thing that get's most people begging for some assistance--the lower belly pooch.

The lower belly pooch is the arch nemesis to many people, usually women, who slap their stomach and say "I just want this to go away!"

The good news is that you can get that flabby skin to shrink down with some consistent effort and some patience. Today, we're giving you four steps to take to get to a flatter stomach right now.

Step 1: A Caloric Deficit

The key to losing any spot that's bothering you is a caloric deficit. In order to lose fat (...weight), we must be in a deficit of calories created from eating less food, doing more exercise or a combination of the two. This is THE ONLY way to lose fat. There is no way around it. In order to create a caloric deficit, you must first determine where you maintain your weight either by using a calculator or tracking your food intake for a week or two to determine how much you're eating. Then, you must create a deficit of calories by subtracting about 10% from that number to get your new daily intake. If using a calculator, your exercise will be factored i