Say Goodbye to "Bat Wing" Arms (Forever!)

[Imagine: Wo/man grabs area beneath arm and pinches. "I want to get rid of this"]

We've heard many different names for the jiggly bits underneath the arms. Whether you call them "bat wings," "bingo flappers" or just "flab," we're here to tell you how to reduce that underarm wiggle and start feeling better about your arms overall!

The answer to how to get rid of bat wings is actually very simple.

There are two things that need to be done:

1. Lose weight

2. Build muscle

While it is impossible to spot reduce fat loss and lose weight from just the arms, overall fat reduction will help shrink them a bit and start to give you the look and feel that you are going for. This can be done through a proper diet and regular exercise.

To build muscle, you must begin by incorporating resistance training into your routine if you don't already do so, or using some targeted moves to work your arms if you already do lift weights. Building muscle is imperative not only to make you look better but also for burning more calories and leading a healthier life.

When losing body fat, skin can sometimes become "empty" depending on your genetics and skin elasticity. Although you can't shrink skin, you can build up some of the area with muscle which will fill out emptiness and make you look more defined.

For arm movements, you'll want to work the whole arm but also place significant focus on the tricep area.

So what exercises should I do?

1. Push-Ups!

One of the oldest, most simple, exercises is actually one of the best for your triceps and really, arms in general (along with your core and chest!). To really hit your triceps, a closer grip works better than a wider one.

To perform a push-up, begin on all fours. Either get into a plank position with the toes directly behind you and hands under the shoulders or on the knees so the hands are under the shoulders and top of the knees on the floor. Bring the chest down to the floor keeping your abs tight the entire time. Push back up to complete the rep.

2. Tricep Push Downs or Kickbacks