Favorite Things Roundup: Food Edition

There's nothing quite like a roundup of products. We get asked very often what products we recommend and in order to satisfy all those answers, are going to start putting those items into posts. *Insert high-five*

Today's post is focused on foodie finds that we enjoy and highly recommend.

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First up is breakfast:

Kodiak Cakes Power Cakes

Would you believe us if we told you that these pancakes had over 20g of protein per serving? Well, they do! These are made with Kodiak Cakes protein pancake mix and they are absolutely delicious! This is the best protein pancake mix we've had that actually tastes like real pancakes.

This pancake mix can also be used to make waffles or little breakfast muffins. While it isn't super low carb or anything, it's nutrition is much better than regular pancake mix or homemade pancakes with flour.

Kodiak Cakes make a great option when you want breakfast for dinner or just something a little more fun for breakfast. If you have kids, they'll also be sure to love this mix.

Top with a drop of maple syrup, a bit of butter or even some drizzled peanut butter.

Where to Find:

We get our mix at either Target or Shoprite where they sell other pancake mixes.

YQ by Yoplait Yogurt

We discovered this yogurt at a nutrition expo in San Diego this summer and have been eating it ever since. This yogurt is not labeled as Greek yogurt, however, it has a texture similar to that of most Greek yogurts. This yogurt is also 99% lactose free.

YQ comes in several different flavors (including coconut, key lime and vanilla) that are all low in sugar and high in protein. An average flavored YQ has about 9g of carbohydrates. The plain however, has only 3 which is almost unheard of for yogurt.