How To Meal Prep (Your Questions Answered)

"Fail to plan, plan to fail" is a quote that is heard often around the health and fitness community. Maybe it's a little harsh but when you have goals in mind, you do have to focus to reach them.

Meal times prove to be some of the most difficult times for people to stay focused on those goals. Snacking at a desk, going out to get something for lunch or ordering in for dinner might not always be the best choices.

Meal prepping is a great way to know you have something healthy to eat for your meals all week with no extra hassle when things get busy as the work week rolls in.

What exactly is meal prepping?

Meal prepping is taking a few hours of one day to prepare several different meals to pull out and eat throughout the week. You could make seven different things or just one: the choice is up to you. Meal prepping gives you a "packaged" meal that fits your nutritional goals.