Navigating Thanksgiving When You Have #Goals

The holidays are coming! They're on their way. Pumpkin pie, stuffing and turkey galore--make sure to leave some room for more!

So, you have some nutritional goals that you're working towards. Everyone does (or should!). No matter what that goal is, the beginning of the full holiday season can be a difficult task but it doesn't have to be! Did you know that the average American consumes around 3,000 calories in the one Thanksgiving meal? That's not the whole day--just the meal!

The Morning Of:

Eat Breakfast:

If you eat your dinner later in the day (think after 1:00 PM), it's a good idea to eat breakfast. Many people fast through Thanksgiving morning in order to "save room and calories" for later in the day. If this is something you enjoy or practice everyday (through intermittent fasting or otherwise), then there is no harm in skipping breakfast. However, the goal in eating breakfast is that you aren't overly hungry when it's time to start eating and start your day as a "normal one."

Try to stick to something that you'd normally eat such as eggs, a smoothie or a bowl of oatmeal and try to avoid things that are over indulgent or contain empty carbohydrate calories like french toast, pancakes or bagels. It's important to get some protein in this meal to keep you full and satisfied throughout the morning.

Drink Water:

Chug the water the morning of Thanksgiving. Aim to get all of your suggested 8 glasses n before you get to the meal. The reason for this is two fold; First, in a large holiday meal, there is often more salt and carbohydrates than we are used to eating. Water will help to debloat you a bit from both of these things. Second, water can help keep you full ultimately helping you eat a little less.

Get Some Exercise In:

Whether you join into a turkey trot or workout at the gym/home, try and get some movement in Thanksgiving morning. Again, there are several reasons why this is helpful. First, exercise will burn some calories, get you pumped up and also deplete your glycogen (energy stores) so that they will need to be replenished.

Before the Main Meal:

Watch the Appetizers:

Just because something is available, doesn't mean you have to eat it. (cue the face below).

Have a taste or two if you really feel really hungry, like you really have to have something or it's a special food you only get on a holiday. If it's something you have literally every day (or could have every day: think regular sliced cheese, cashews, pretzels), try to make a skip. Appetizers are easy to fill up on and aren't necessarily an important part of the meal.