Why Everyone Should Be Lifting Weights

Lifting weights doesn't have to look like bodybuilding, or Crossfit or any of the other visuals that come to mind when you think about performing resistance training.

Lifting won't make women bulky or men into the Hulk, but it will do a bunch of other beneficial things.

1. It speeds up your metabolism: Lifting weights will actually make your metabolism work a little better. First off, lifting weights builds muscle which in turn burns more calories!

2. It helps you look better: One of the main reasons that people exercise is to "tone"/look better. Lifting weights will build lean muscle, which will make your muscles look "filled out" and in turn, get rid of some of the sag or empty skin that we experience. While the muscle built won't necessarily "replace" fat, building more of it will help you lose fat and fill with muscle instead.

3. It will help to keep your joints + muscles working properly: As we age, workout more, go through injuries/surgeries/etc., it's imperative that we keep our bodies working like a well oiled machine. Without exercise, you'll start to feel like the Tin Man and wish you had some way to make your body move a bit better. Enter resistance training. Performing resistance based exercises will maintain your mobility, flexibility and joint health to keep you feeling like a million bucks.